Apartments for rent
in Kamilari, South Crete

Kamilari is a quiet, traditional village with 400 locals living in small Greek style houses on the hillside. It's in a beautiful location with rolling hillsides and a mountain view, overlooking the Messara valley on one side and the Libyan sea on the other, only 2.5 km from the beautiful sandy beach at Kalamaki.

Kamilari has been inhabited since Minoan times. The name of the village is of Byzantine origin, and is derived from the word "kamilaris" meaning the one who rides a camel. A vaulted Minoan tomb, known as the "Kamilari tomb" has been discovered just outside the village, it is one of the most important tombs found in the Messara valley, objects found here are now in the Archaeological Museum of Iraklion.

In the town there are 4 Greek family restaurants, 1 old style coffee shop, 2 cafe & snack bars and a pizzeria, all run by local people. Though it is an old town, it has modern conveniences such as a super market (with also bread and meat section), a souvenir shop, a boutique and home decoration shop, Michalis has also a successful real estate office in the village "crete-home4u" and Ilse loves to spend some hours a day in her boutique "Soulmadeshop" and furniture/home decor shop "spitaki mou". Also, near the town area is a small hospital with certified doctors to take care of any medical problems.

Kamilari is a beautiful spot for a relaxing vacation.

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